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23 januari 2014

Foulards d'Artistes III, new creative collaborations for Spring/Summer 2014
This summer, Louis Vuitton continues its world tour of the vibrant street art scene by inviting three new artists from three different continents to collaborate on its collection of textile. The artists of this third season are André, famed for his jaunty 'Mr. A' character who inhabits the walls of Paris, American Kenny Scharf, and INTI from Chile.

Both INTI and Kenny Scharf selected as their canvas Louis Vuitton's emblematic giant silk square. True to his name, derived from the Inca sun god, INTI is inspired by ancestral Andean culture, which he transcribes in brightly colored, monumental works.
He revisits the giant square with a sun motif referencing the image of 'Wirachoca', god of TIWANAKU culture, one of the most important Inca deities. Infused with warm shades of gold and orange, the design is bordered in red with a pattern of ancient symbols surrounding the Louis Vuitton signature.

Californian Kenny Scharf, a remarkable figure in the worlds of painting, sculpture and performance, describes himself as a pop-surrealist artist whose guiding principle is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and to connect to popular culture. He has covered Louis Vuitton's giant silk crepe square with a colorful collage of astronomic motifs and symbols of pop culture on a blurred psychedelic background.

For André, his studio drop cloth was the inspiration for the background of his interpretation of Louis Vuitton's Monogram shawl. Once he had translated his paint spatters to the luxurious silk and wool wrap, it became a natural habitat for 'Mr. A', the artist's signature blue figure with assymetrical eyes.

Alongside these three artistic collaborations, Louis Vuitton introduces further new designs for Spring/Summer 2014. Two are variations on the iconic leopard print created for Louis Vuitton by the artist Stephen Sprouse: the Leopard Spray giant silk crepe square combines leopard Pop stole, available in coral or pimento, presents a delicate arty gradation of shades. The Monogram Rayures shawl juxtaposes faded denim-style stripes with lines of brighter coral or pimento, while the Papillon silk square is woven with a subtle tone-on-tone Monogram pattern. Its generous size and array of colors, including beige, black fuchsia, orange and violet, make it a stylish versatile choice all year round.

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