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BOIS 1920

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6 november 2013

The history
BOIS 1920 is a brand that expresses the Galardi family's passion for the art of perfume-making. It all began in 1920 when Guido, the founder, started testing his first formulas, by collecting the Spigo (Tuscany Lavender) that ripens in the fields on the hills around Florence. His research took on different expressive harmonies: essential oils, fragrant solutions and perfumed sachets. Guido dreamt of a shop in Florence where he could create unique fragrances: ttega  taliana  pigo (Italian workshop of Lavender) History returns. Guido's sensitivity and art were handed down to Enzo, his grandson who, at the age of thirteen began frequenting Piero, a great expert on essences. In 1985 he entered the world of fragrances and turned his passion into a profession. The year is 2005. Enzo, by reinterpreting the original formulas discovers "perfume" in the sense of artistic expression, his dream becomes true, Guido's emotions and soul materialize into BOIS 1920.

The philosophy
Each creation is a particular alchemy, unique in the sensations it wishes to evoke, born from a time-honored perfume culture that invests greatly in exceptional raw materials, creating variants that are original and precious. Fragrances that stand out for the way they exalt the bouquets of the essences, created to remain persistent over time.

Limited edition
Each bottle of BOIS 1920 evokes a part of the history and lifestyle of the Galardi family who, since 1920, has made tradition and innovation the cornerstone of its elegant products. In homage to all of those who have chosen BOIS, a series of Limited Edition fragrances has been launched that brings together the traditional uncompromising quality of BOIS and the exclusiveness of possessing one of the 1920 pieces of each new fragrance. Each Limited Edition comprises a special essence in a numbered and certified bottle that increases its value over time.
BOIS 1920 Limited Edition: for those that wish to stand out without excess and for the other 1919 in the world that think the same way.

The fragrance for men
A masculine fragrance that immediately evokes the sea breeze and the smell of the waves that lap against the rocks. Notes that blend together and create unique harmonies, reminiscent of the winter sea when the waves crash against the coast creating magnificent contrasts with the surrounding mature wild nature. An exciting and unusual beginning in which cool Green Lemon and Lime are blended with refreshing Brazilian Sweet Orange, Sicilian Lemon, intense Italian Bergamot and Seville Orange in a surprising and exclusive top note. The heart is a medley of the most sophisticated qualities of Tea, Red Tea and Mate Tea, with an overlying delicate cascade of prized flowers: Geranium, Violet and Hyacinth with new nuances of Rhubarb and explosive Juniper Berries. Creamy Indian Sandalwood and sophisticated Grey Amber blend gently with White Musk and sensual Indonesian Patchouli, sealing this elegant fragrance for men.

The fragrance for women
An intense and enveloping female fragrance that evokes vivacious and unforgettable sensations, things that can't be forgotten even with the passing of time. An ode to femininity and the magic alchemy that a meeting can unleash, leaving an indelible trace in the memory. An olfactory delight which embodies female elegance and femininity. South African Freesia buds, illuminated by a Solar Harmony, open up, blending their essence with delicate White Tea, fresh Mirabelle Plum Pulp and refreshing Calabrian Green Mandarin. The vibrant top note plunges into an amazing floral bouquet: the prized and classic Sambac Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine, Imperial Gardenia and Grasse Rose blended with the exciting and sensual Turk's Cap Lily and Brazilian Seringa create a sophisticated floral whirl, enlivened by the verve of Pink Pepper. The fragrance is complemented with the warm embrace of noble Atlas Cedarwood and exotic Siam Benzoin and Styrax, resting on a soft bed of White Musk.

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