Pinth Vintage Luggage
Oude Groenmarkt 5
2011 HL Haarlem
T +31(0)23 531 88 00
M +31(0)6 13 532 094


'Genuine and original vintage trunks'

Almost 10 years ago Luuk Pynaker founded his vintage luggage shop in Haarlem, near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is very happy to have found his great passion in life, being able to work with vintage luggage every day, sourcing, restoring and selling vintage luggage. Luuk and his team sources, restores and sells vintage luggage from famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Goyard, Moynat and Prada. You can expect besides great service, all genuine and original vintage trunks being professionally touched up and restored. Vintage luggage not only is just beautiful, also they can serve as a coffee table in your living room; you just place a glass plate on top of the trunk. Last but not least, as with every piece of antique, vintage luggage is a great form of alternative investment.

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